I have no doubt you own some good things. So do I and everyone else. The thing about good things, though, is you can have too many of them. When I’ve overindulged in junk food more than occasionally, eventually my pants’ waistbands get tight. The same happens in our ho...

I.            Clean and Clear spaces increase your productivity and relieves stress:

The secret sauce here is - the less mess you have, the less you have to clean up over and over again and the more you can channel your...

Would you like to join me in transforming your home/office via a de-cluttering session?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my journey of de-cluttering has been a very enriching  and gratifying experience for me personally, as not only do I get the opportunity to...

Clutter, Clutter everywhere and out of places to hide!?!

As humans we all have clutter tucked away here and there and don’t even realize the numerous special places and hideouts we create for our much favoured ‘stuff’. It is this same clutter that then lowly starts to a...

Certain moments and events, be it exciting, tragic, significant, funny, etc., can make all of us stop dead in our tracks and force us to think and weigh-in on our life’s purpose and force us to take stock of our life, our belongings and interactions with the world and...

This list is not meant to overwhelm or frustrate you, it’s simply meant to give you an idea of how significant a step this can be–just choosing 10 things on this list to start with would result in a noticeable difference in your home.



Kitchen gadgets


It’s time for the seasonal switch – the chore that happens at least twice a year, where you put away all the out-of-season clothes and pull out all the current season clothes.

This can be an overwhelming task – especially if you’re doing this for yourself as well as oth...

In 2016 the world became obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge – the creation of a warm cosy atmosphere in the home.

However, this year the cosy days of hygge look to make way for a cool new concept emerging from Sweden.

Enter: Lagom. 

This new Sca...

Our homes are an integral part of who we are; they’re our reflection. If you are striving for change, the first thing to do is to sort out your home. If you make your home clean and tidy, you’ll find that your thoughts achieve some order, and everything in your life wi...

Take the QUIZ...

1. Do you feel like your possessions bring you (a) more joy or (b) more stress?

2. Is (a) everything well organized throughout your home, or (b) are there “clutter ghettos” — no-go zones you can’t use and don’t dare enter because of all the stuff that ne...

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If one comes in, one goes out

Sometimes we Declutter, and Declutter, and Declutter some more - but when we look at our homes, we don't see any progress. We can't understand it- we've filled up our trash bags, we've filled up our boxes to give to our helpers. Yet it seems like we have just as much stuff in our closets and drawers. We're working hard, and we want to see results. What's the problem?
Here's the catch: the stuff level only goes down if you stop shopping, and buying things, and bringing home freebies from business conferences.
You can solve the problem by following a simple rule: if one comes in, one goes out. Every time a new item comes into your home, a similar item must leave.
The One in- One out strategy helps you show your rejects the door- rather than house them in their retirement. There is no magic in the system, but it does require discipline. Of course, the more stuff you get rid of, the more rewarding the result.

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