I'm so glad I followed my intuition to have Shivani come and support me realize my intention of a clean, streamlined and purposeful home and work environment.

She came all the way to Pune and over three days we achieved what had been pending for years. Old clothes, books, miscellaneous items hiding away in closets and shelves and store rooms were removed, dusted and looked at. Only what was essential or inspiring remained, everything else went on to benefit someone else who could make better use of it through donations to an NGO working in rural India.

It was a spiritual experience of letting go, letting flow and creating space for fresh energy to circulate in my home and life, leaving everything with a subtle glow! Even though it was a good amount of work, I felt relaxed and happy as we went along.

Shivani has enormous energy, is completely non-judgmental, has a professional yet friendly approach and very clear thinking that made the whole experience of simplifying and decluttering my outer space such a joy. As a result I inwardly feel more light and free as well. Since working with her I feel I am more focused, productive and engaged in everything I do.

That for me, is priceless.

I recommend her and her work wholeheartedly.

NITHYA SHANTI                                                                                                                       Inspirational speaker, happiness coach,modern day sage                          20th October-2016